All the best from the chronicles

from C1, Interlude, High Five, and Classic in one game!




LINEAGE II 2003-2011

In Remastered, you choose your own comfortable pace of play. There is no point in rushing. The server is developed in chapters. Your journey begins with the canonical chronicles of C1-Interlude. Spoil pieces for carmine peppers, craft the necessary equipment of C and B rank. Even playing a couple of hours a day, you will not lag behind the nolifers and will be competitive both in spots and at the Olympics.

The most delicious food awaits you ahead. The opening of each chapter brings new challenges and opportunities for you and your character.

And this is just the beginning...


What is ReMastered?

These are the best mechanics and game solutions from cult chronicles combined together. Remastered is regularly updated and developed alternatively from other versions of the game.

These are still the most popular and aesthetically beautiful chronicles. Formed the basis for the formation of the Remastered economy.

The Best of Interlude Chronicles

  • Locations - a huge, seamless world without content Grace
  • Mobs - parameters, location and behavior
  • Drop and Spoil
  • Game stores in cities
  • Economy and Craft
  • Character leveling - maximum level 80 (in the initial chapters)

Thoughtful and variable world. Gave us the brightest and most skill-dependent PVP. Formed the basis for class balance in Remastered.

The Best of the High Five Chronicles

  • Skill mechanics
  • Epic Jewelry - Parameters and Effects
  • Quests for 2nd profession - Rewards for completing stamps (EXP/SP and Adena)
  • An alternative way to get 2 professions
  • Pylks, Kamaloks, Labyrinths - dungeons with updated rewards
  • Attribute System

The canonical version of the game, which was rethought in 2014. Many new client solutions formed the basis of Remastered.

The Best of Classic Chronicles

  • Grand Olympiad Games - available from level 56
  • Epic Jewelry Upgrade
  • Daily Bosses
  • Updated classes and skills
  • Game tasks of clans and groups

we have been working for 6 years

Above the formula for the ideal concept
Class Balance
Dynamic locations
Epic Jewelry Upgrades
Prime time show
Flexible character development

Class Balance

Gathering a group has become easier. Limit 7 people.

Bards and buffers are combined into a class - Enchanter. All spellcasters have a common set of basic buffs, dances and songs. Moreover, each of them has distinctive skills of his race.

Choose a profession with your soul. There are no more dead classes. Each character is thought out to the smallest detail. The skills have been reworked and updated for each stage of the game.

Setups have become more diverse and interesting due to the versatility of buffs. Archer in a magical group? Certainly! The set of characters is now limited only by your imagination.

Dynamic locations

A number of locations in ReMastered have several difficulty levels.

Levels increase by killing a certain number of mobs. When you reach the maximum level, a boss appears in the location with a drop of relevant items.

  • What happens when a location is improved?
  • The visual appearance of mobs is changing;
  • Mob spawn time is reduced;
  • The parameters of gained experience and drops increase.

Epic Jewelry Upgrades

Creating a fake epic is available to all characters in the Luxury Store in Giran.

Creation requires Shards, Adena and jewelry of the appropriate rank.

How to get fragments?

  • Completing character leveling missions (Get level 40, level 45, and so on);
  • Passing Instance Zones;
  • Using the Magic Lamp.

There are two ways to improve the parameters of fake jewelry:

  • For fragments - increase in rank;
  • Modification (sharpening) to increase parameters.

Prime time show

The most vibrant PVP and battles take place in the evening.

Each epic has a fixed appearance time. As the server develops, some low-epics move into dungeons so that clans and groups have more time to develop their characters.

Separately, priests of epic bosses were created for the MID-var, whose drops also have a chance to receive original epic jewelry.

All this makes PVP more dynamic and colorful.

Organized groups and clans can plan their game more flexibly.

Variable character development

In addition to the basic equipment, Remastered offers many additional options for improving your character.

  • Cloaks;
  • Belts;
  • Bracelets;
  • Broches and shirts.

Each of these items can be sharpened and strengthened your hero with the necessary characteristics.

  • When you reach the third profession, the study of talents opens.

All this makes you more flexible and allows you to adapt to any situation in the game. From PVP for a spot against a strong magic group, to boosting running speed to run back a serious opponent at the Olympics.

Brought the balance to perfection

Instead of Koreans

What's new in remastered?

New evening bosses

New evening bosses

Daily PVE event for everyone. New bosses with gradation by level and evening fixed respawn.

Each raid participant is guaranteed to receive an experience buff, which is combined with all runes and boosts. And the luckiest ones will receive a tasty drop after delivering the final blow to the boss.

Strengthened champion mobs

Strengthened champion mobs

When you kill a certain number of mobs, a unique champion mob may appear on the spot.

Champions come in two types: Blue with x5 characteristics and Red with x10 characteristics.

Champion mobs have increased drops and the amount of experience and SP gained.

New dynamic locations

New dynamic locations

Last season we added the ability to increase the level of locations by farming a certain number of mobs.

This season you will find even more new spots, mobs and location bosses. PVE will become more dynamic, interesting and competitive.

Development of Big PVP

Development of large PVP

Respawning and adding epics from stage to stage has become smoother and more thoughtful.

Epics from earlier stages of the game will be transferred to dungeons for groups and team channels.

Big War will be able to keep focus on more important epic bosses.

New options for enchanting sets

New parameters for enchanting sets

Now each stage of enchanting from +3 will make more sense and give a noticeable increase in parameters.

New properties of rare items

New properties of rare items

Even more variety for your character builds.

Now when "crafting" there is a chance to create items with new rare properties.



Straight from Essence adapted for Remastered.

Now every knocked-out piece of armor and old equipment will be useful for improving your character.

Training area

Training area

New location for “AFK” character leveling.

No longer do you have to worry about the water pumping while you sleep. We have added a special zone in which your character gains experience while you are busy with your business.

The rest can be found in the description of the new season

Game without donation

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In the game itself, we have thought through many game tasks, missions and activities, by completing which you can get all the necessary equipment without donating. At least donation will save you from unnecessary routine.